The Women of Wellness – Lucy from Juice And Jasmine

Welcome to another edition of the Women of Wellness. These amazing women are all dedicated to wellness and living life to the max – in a way that makes them feel vibrant and alive. They are devoted to holistic health. These women all follow their own definition of wellness, are connected to their inner wisdom, and are shining beacons of love and light out into the world.

Today I’m delighted to bring you Lucy from Juice and Jasmine. Lucy’s recovery from chronic illness is so inspiring, and now she aims to live a life that makes her feel ALIVE (one of my Core Desired Feelings too), nourished and juicy. She believes that sexuality and sexual pleasure are “just as vital to our wellbeing and happiness as everything else”. 

Her definition of juicy is fantastic. It comes via one of her favourite authors, Sark. “Juice is an internal feeling of Aliveness, being turned on (in every sense of the word darling), creative buzz, warm glow, passion, pleasurable feelings, excitement and all around feeling of Yummyness.”

Now doesn’t that just make you feel good? It certainly makes me feel that internal spark; the spark that says ‘Yes, I want some of that’. So let’s find out more about how Lucy adds juice to her life.

No two people are alike and we all need to have a definition of wellness that feels right for us. What does wellness mean to you and how do you keep it a priority in your life?

Wellness is a constant process for me. For a girl who has struggled with chronic illness for 11 years and now in recovery, wellness has been the constant dream. But now I am achieving it, I find I am redefining it. Wellness for me is when I am full of energy, but not manic, because I have been very pumped full of energy before but it hasn’t felt good because I couldn’t stop. It is when I feel balanced, healthy and energetic, but also peaceful. It is when I feel excited by life, turned on and like my heart and vagina are singing.

So obviously wellness has had to be priority in my life, and so I make sure I do activities that support health and happiness. The biggest key has been understanding how my body is communicating with me through sensations and symptoms, and then doing what it needs. The body never lies, and is our best ally in helping us live in tune with ourselves and doing things that are good for us. 

 So if I am in a situation and my body is tensing up and becoming anxious, I know I need to remove myself and be in a quiet place. I have also learned that my body craves movement, I can feel it when it is pent up. So I try and make sure I get enough movement during my day, even if it is just walking and yoga. By keeping my body moving I can feel the stagnant energy shifting. But I must confess that when it comes to diet, I often slip up. I eat mostly very healthy meals, and drink lots of water and green tea, but then I end up snacking on sugar laden biscuits and chocolate… Not good I know. It is a work in progress!

What makes you feel ALIVE and bursting-out-of-the-seams excited?

Alive. This is one of my taglines because my journey back to wellness has been through finding precisely what makes me come alive! And I am very happy that my life at the moment contains many things that makes me come alive.


Often very simple things make me come alive, such as being able to have a conversation of being truly authentic where we both share our emotions and observations. This makes me come alive, like I am coming home to myself. I wish we could all be authentic with each other, but also ourselves, I believe authenticity is truly beautiful and it is so sad that society would make us put on masks.
Similarly, meeting people who I connect with and vibe off gives me such a buzz. I will leave these meetings feeling euphoric, and sometimes like I have had a workout – a spiritual workout that is.
And then I am finding that the more I give and practise energy healing and massage, the more my body shouts, ‘Yes! This is what I am meant to be doing!’. I just love to connect with other people’s bodies, to feel their energy system under my hands and to then clear blockages. So I know that this is where I need to focus more, and where I am putting more of my energies.


I feel incredibly alive and turned on in every way when I connect with and activate my sacral area. I have been practising the 5 pelvic movements from Devi Ward, and whenever I do I feel so energised, yummy, turned on to life, and completely in my feminine power, in my feminine energy. I completely recommend this for ALL women, connecting with our sexual energy and reclaiming our wombs and yonis is so, incredibly, powerfully healing.
Travelling to new places makes me buzz with excitement. I know when I need to travel when I start feeling like I am pent up, and so when I can I feel like I can breathe again. 
And finally when I am speaking in Spanish or French, I also come alive. I love to express myself in another language, and to learn all the idioms, expressions, grammatical structures and the profanity. It satisfies the inner geek within me, and yes I admit, it does give me a lot to brag about. A fun night out for me is to sit in a quirky pub while comparing languages and cultures. Conversely I find that conventional study makes me shut down, but when I do it organically and I speak with natives, I light up.

How do you get in touch with your inner guide? Do you notice a difference in your life when you start to ignore this voice?

Finding my inner guide, and speaking with her is so important to me. She speaks to me in a deep, loving, passionate yet gentle voice. (Perhaps the voice of me in 20 years time?) She is a wise goddess who has lived through a lot, and I see her as dwelling in a sacred cave in a secluded forest. Or my inner guidance comes from subtle nudges through my body, which I always heed. My inner guidance is always right, of course. But sometimes it can be so ‘spot on’, that I am not always ready to act on what it says, which does result in more turmoil. But at the end of it I know that the loving voice is still there, supporting me, loving me.

The importance of self-love and self-care is starting to become widely acknowledged. How do you keep up your self-love and self-care practices when you have a jam-packed schedule and a to-do list that seems a mile long?

When doing an ME recovery course, they taught us a tool called ‘A Bliss List’, which is a list of things unique to you that make you feel happy, nourished, supported, relaxed, inspired and alive. Anything that nourishes you. And the idea is to do at least two things on that list a day, even when busy, because it keeps you well. So I always make time to spend time alone to be with my body, lay my hands on my stomach and ground the energy. I practise energy techniques of protection and balancing the chakras, and sending my energy down through my feet, into the earth. I have to keep grounding because I keep flying up into my head. I also try and stop myself during the day to observe myself, what thoughts are going through my head, what am I feeling, and just ‘be’. I have to give myself time to express myself every day- be it through writing, singing, journalling or just having a conversation with myself. And how could I forget perfume?! I always have a little perfume pouch in my bag with bottles of aromatic oils that I anoint myself with whenever I need a pick me up. It is my little way of feeling luxurious even if I feel crappy.



Quick Questions

If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere, where would you go?

I think some sort of train journey through Eastern Europe that then goes into Asia. The Orient Express maybe?

What’s your favourite book?

Red Hot and Holy by Sera Beak. It taught me that there is another way to be spiritual that embraces the wild, sexy feminine.

What blog have you been devouring recently?

A toss up between Layla Martin and Kim Anami. Two red hot superwoman sex goddesses that are transforming the way we view sex, sensuality and divinity. Phwoar.

What’s your favourite song to blast when you’re rocking out in the lounge room or in front of the mirror in your undies?

 I can’t decide between Ella Henderson, ‘Ghost’, Rita Ora, ‘I will never let you down’ and Prince, ‘When Doves Cry’.

Where can we find you?




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The Women of Wellness – Lucy from Juice And Jasmine

I am Lucy, a Psychic and Healer in training, budding Tantrika, linguist, perfumer and all around Goddess | Passionate | Juicy | Intuitive | Love | I write for women who want to find their inner juice, power and feminine wisdom | I want to share my experiences as I continue to grow and to fully embrace my femininity: the Goddess that resides in our deepest selves | Join me, and find her too.

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