I’ve always classed myself as a low maintenance kind of girl. As one of those girls who can get ready in 10 minutes.

And maybe I labelled myself as low maintenance because I thought it would make me seem like one of the “cool girls” or more attractive to guys. After all, Cosmo always told me that men like the natural look and easy going girls.

While I no longer wear the low maintenance label with pride, it’s a sentiment that still holds true.

I don’t believe I need to wear makeup. I’m happy to leave the house with a bare face and unbrushed hair. 

But now that I spend so much time at home, wearing shirts that have a lingering scent of milk, putting on makeup has become a form of self-care.

It feels good to put some effort in to my appearance. Even if it’s just a bit of mascara. And even if my hair is still thrown up in an unbrushed, messy bun.

Despite the new label of mum, I’m still me. The woman who wants to feel put together, who takes pride in her appearance and who still feels sexy with a bit of makeup on her face.

Of course I still feel like that when I’m bare faced. I can feel sexy or pretty (or both!) without reaching for my makeup bag. But it’s nice to have a tool that I can quickly use to once again feel like myself. Like I’m more than just a mum.

I don’t wear it every day or even every time I leave the house. But yes, I now class wearing makeup as self-care.

Why? Because it makes me feel good (both inside and out) and to me, that’s what self-care is all about.

It’s why I don’t mind buying expensive makeup. I love buying natural and often organic makeup. I care about what I put on my skin and I also want to make sure the products I use haven’t been tested on animals.

I’ve previously shared a full list of my favourite natural makeup products and I recently filmed an updated look into my makeup bag, if you want to know what I love to adorn myself in. 

Funnily enough I don’t like the makeup I was wearing when I filmed this video. I don’t like it because I was trying to create a look that was more acceptable for YouTube. And it just doesn’t feel like me.

So I’ll continue to wear my simple makeup, on the days that I want to. I’ll continue to wear makeup the way I want to, not the way I think I should. And it’s that very sentiment that makes me feel pretty darn good.