I was lucky enough to receive some goodies from Recreate Yourself to celebrate the launch of their Luxe Skincare range. The Luxe Skincare category features the cream of the skincare crop with over 20 luxury skincare brands including Payot, Thalgo, Kora Organics, NIOD, Pier Auge and more. 

I’m very picky with what I put on my skin and I’m happy to invest in my skincare. Our skin is our largest organ and my skincare routine is part of my every day self-care practice. If you too like to indulge in your skincare than this Luxe Skincare category is perfect for you.  

RY are an Australian company (they guarantee the best prices in Australia) but they do also ship internationally. For the month of March you can also receive 10% of the entire Luxe Skincare category by using the code ERIN4RY. You can treat yourself and add some new products to your self-care routine for an even better price!

Since receiving the lovely package I’ve been eagerly sampling the different products I received. So let’s dive straight into my reviews. 

I love a good facial oil (there’s something so luxurious about using oils) and I definitely include the Medik8 Glow Oil Facial Oil with Vitamin C in this category. According to the package this facial oil contains the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C to hydrate and repair, plus a blend of 12 essential oils to give the appearance of an instant youthful glow and radiant skin. It drys quickly so you’re not left looking shiny, it has a delightful floral scent and left my skin feeling hydrated. Overall I loved this oil!

I’ve recently dived into the world of primers so was excited to find the Thalgo Source Marine Perfect Glow Primer to sample. I tested this both with and without makeup, even wore it under my makeup at my Australian Breastfeeding Project photoshoot this weekend. Without makeup it gave my skin a nice glow. With makeup, my makeup stayed put longer than it normally would. I also noticed a difference with how visible the pores on my cheeks were, which gives it a big thumbs up from me. This primer doesn’t feel tacky and sinks in to the skin quickly. 

The NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate is a lovely eye serum which targets visible aging of the upper and lower eyelids, including fine lines, loss of elasticity, dark circles, puffiness and textural unevenness. This is the first eye serum I’ve used which recommends applying it to both the upper and lower eyelids, so the first application on my upper eyelids did feel a little heavy. But on each further application this hasn’t been a problem. A little goes a long way so you only need to use one drop. My eyes are feeling really hydrated and plump after using this serum. 

When I read the description of the Payot My Payot Sleeping Pack Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Mask it sounded like something I needed to try. It’s meant to help your face look and feel like you’ve had a really good night sleep. It’s been over a year since I’ve had an uninterrupted night of sleep so I thought this would be the perfect product to test out. As expected this is a thick cream, so even though I only used a thin layer it does take awhile to sink in. I usually apply all my skincare as the last thing I do before getting in to bed, but doing this left my pillow a little sticky. Instead I’ve been applying it around 30 minutes before going to bed and this has alleviated that. Each morning after using the sleep mask my skin felt so soft and I think I looked well-rested and radiant. (Now if only Rory would let me actually be well-rested). 

Also from Payot, I tried their My Payot Brume Eclat Anti-Pollution Revivifying Mist. This has a fresh, fruity scent. It’s light, airy and very refreshing. You can use it under your moisturiser in the morning, to set your makeup or to hydrate your skin throughout the day. It has lots of great uses and I certainly found it to be revivifying. 

The Pier Auge Fleurs D’Absolu Luminescent Revitilizing Treatment came in a stunning navy and floral box. And upon opening the box the cream is packaged beautifully too. This radiance anti-ageing treatment targets the signs of ageing and prevents pigmentation spots, leaving your skin revitalized and firm with an even tone. The ingredients list includes the concentrate from 6 flowers including lily, iris and lotus flowers. This cream feels indulgent and left my skin feeling delightfully soft and smooth. A little goes a long way too. 

The Mesoestetic Facial Gel Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that effectively removed my makeup, leaving my face feeling clean but not dry. The gel is really smooth on the face however I wasn’t the biggest fan of its scent. This cleanser does contain SLS which is something I usually try to avoid, so I won’t be replacing my usual cleanser with this one. 

And finally, the Linda Meredith V-Tox Anti-Wrinkle Cream which is meant to be a natural replacement for botox (minus the frozen forehead look). This botanical cream is reputed to help firm and plump your skin and it did leave my skin feeling and looking plumper. It did make my skin tingle on application but this is meant to be quite common. The packaging for this product is beautiful and it looks very luxurious sitting on my bathroom shelf. 

My favourites were the Pier Auge Fleurs D’Absolu Luminescent Revitalizing Treatment, the Medik8 Glow Oil Facial Oil and the NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate. I would happily purchase these three again. I’m also a huge fan of Kora Organics so will be popping some of their products into my shopping basket too!

Are you a fan of Luxe Skincare products? What are your favourite products? Don’t forget to use the code ERIN4RY to receive 10% off for the month of March!