I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for months. It’s been almost two years since I shared my favourite natural and organic skin care products. Since then, with pregnancy and breastfeeding my body has undergone lots of hormonal changes, and I’ve switched up the products I use to keep up with these changes.

I’m sharing my favourite natural and organic skin care products that I use every day. 


My Daily Staples

At the start of the year I started using the Go-To Skin Care products. I use the cleanser, face oil and moisturiser morning and night. 

In terms of face oils I switch between using the Go-To oil and the Medik8 Glow Oil. I grab one or the other each day, with no real rhyme or reason.

And lastly for face products, I use the Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum at night. I never used to use an eye serum, but I figure that a serum would probably help me look more awake. And given the lack of sleep, that’s one thing I want. 

The Black Chicken Axilla deodorant is still my favourite natural deodorant. It works for me so I haven’t felt the need to try any others. 

This year I finally swapped my teeth cleaning products for a natural alternative. I’ve started using a tongue scraper and it has completely changed how clean my mouth feels. (You need to try one if you haven’t already). I use a bamboo toothbrush and Dr Bronner’s toothpaste

For my body moisturiser I’ve been using sweet almond oil, which you can get from any health food shop. My legs get really itchy a few days after I shave and the almond oil has been really helping with this. 


What I Reach For Weekly

Twice a week I use the Go-To exfoliating wipes. These are gentle exfoliators that don’t have any microbeads which are terrible for the environment. 

I have a few different face masks by Sukin which I absolutely love using. My favourites are the Super Green Detoxifying Clay Mask, the Hydrating Facial Mask, and the Anti-Pollution Plus Charcoal. But I’m always trying new brands because face masks are one of my favourite ways to indulge. 

My hair has undergone the biggest change since being pregnant. It’s no longer oily or dry, but is very frizzy. I also throw it up into a bun while it’s wet so sometimes it takes all day to dry. I’ve been using the Acure Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, but I think I’ll switch over to one of the Sukin shampoo and conditioners when I’ve run out. 


What do you use daily on your skin or in the bathroom? Let me know in the comments below.