As a passionate self-love advocate, a lover of healthy living and a writer, I’ve had the pleasure of being featured on numerous websites including Tiny Buddha, MindBodyGreen and The Huffington Post. I’m also delighted to be a regular contributor on Casa De Karma.

I am eternally curious about what it means to be healthy. To me, wellness and healthy living is so much more than just the foods we eat. It is how we feel about what we eat, the thoughts we have about our bodies, and the frequency which we drop into stillness.

I write because I want to change the dialogue in the healthy living sphere. Rather than articles about weight loss and the latest fad diet, I write about self-love, self-care and eating in a way that supports us as individuals.

My aim? To inspire women to connect to their bodies. To take the stress and pressure out of healthy eating. To encourage total wellness (in our mind, body and soul) and spread the word about the benefits of daily stillness and self-care.





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Erin Williams is a self-love advocate, writer, vlogger, wellness coach and new mama. She’s equally addicted to coffee and self-care. Her words have been featured on MindBodyGreen, the Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha. She encourages women to fall in self-love, find their own style of wellness and devote to self-care. 

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