A Day in The Life With A Newborn

Since having a baby I find the days pass so quickly. My newborn is a serious time absorber.

One minute it’s 4 o’clock, then the next time I look at the clock 5 hours have passed in the blink of an eye and I wonder where the time went.

So in order to find out exactly how my days are filled I thought I would track and share a day in the life with you. Rory is now 11 weeks old and while every day is a little different this is a great sneek peak into how we fill our days together. 



3:26 am

Rory wakes for a night time feed. On a normal night he’ll wake twice (around 1 and then 4) so tonight’s a good night. I went to bed at 10.30pm last night which means I had almost 5 hours of sleep in a row!

He’s fed and changed within 30 minutes and it’s back to bed for both of us.


6:20 am

Rory starts to stir and I’m not yet ready to start the day. I actually find it harder to wake up now then I do in the middle of the night.

I know he’s not yet hungry so I put in his dummy and rock the bassinet hoping he’ll give me another hour of sleep. I have to repeat the dummy and the rocking a few times but he eventually does fall back asleep.


7:35 am

Rory wakes again and this time I get him out of bed. I give him a quick feed and nappy change before putting him down again.


8:10 am

Now that Rory is asleep again I use this time for myself. Getting Rory to sleep in his own bed for more than 20 minutes throughout the day is still a work in progress, but he’ll always take his first nap in the bassinet.

This is my only guaranteed me time so I make sure I utilise it. Today I do a few sun salutations, some stretches and a short meditation.

I then eat breakfast while watching YouTube. It’s not the most mindful way to eat but I try and avoid using my phone while Rory is awake. Breakfast today is a huge bowl of oats with chia seeds, brewer’s yeast (great for keeping up my milk supply), pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut and peanut butter. I have my one cup of coffee for the day.

A Day in The Life With A Newborn


9:00 am

I hear Rory stirring and I get him up for the day. I quickly throw on a load of washing before we spend some time playing.

Before baby I did all of our laundry on the weekend. And we only ever had 2 or 3 loads between us. Now pretty much every day is laundry day (today it’s the sheets). As I’m sure all mums know, no matter how tiny your baby/kids are, they sure do make a lot of mess.


9:30 am

I have a quick shower while Rory is in his bouncer. Most days he’s happy kicking away while I shower, today is not one of those days. He has a mini meltdown while I’m rinsing the conditioner out of my hair.


10:00 am

Rory has another feed and then I get us both ready to head out for mother’s group. For me it simply means putting my shoes on. For bub it means making sure the nappy bag is adequately stocked, a nappy change, and putting on a dribble bib.


11:00 am

We drive down to Freshwater beach where my mother’s group meets once a week. Quite a lot of the babies have colds this week so there’s only a few of us today. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day and it’s lovely to sit in the sun and have a chat for an hour.

Rory fell asleep in the car and dozed briefly in his pram but he’s definitely going to need a longer sleep when we get home.

A Day in The Life With A Newborn


12:30 pm

We’re home and it’s lunchtime for both of us. Of course, one of us demands food more than the other, and he gets fed first. He falls asleep while feeding so I put him down in the bassinet.

It’s 1:30 by the time I sit down to eat. Lunch today is a big salad with smoked salmon and halloumi, along with some kombucha. Halfway through I hear babbling coming from the bedroom. He’s talking to himself rather than crying so I leave him hoping he’ll go back to sleep.

He lasts about 10 minutes before he starts to cry so I end up getting him out of bed even though it was only a short nap.


2:00 pm

We spend some time playing together on the floor. Even though he doesn’t really like it, I try and get him to spend a lot of time on his tummy. With an 11 week old play time is pretty simple. But his smiles and his little babbles make me so happy.

A Day in The Life With A Newborn


3:00 pm

I give Rory another feed and then put him to sleep. As all of his naps have been really short today I let him have a sleep in my arms. Some people are really against letting your baby sleep in your arms but he’s still so little and it’s the only way he’ll sleep for longer than an hour during the day, so I don’t mind. Plus he’s not going to want to sleep in my arms forever so I’m soaking up the cuddles while I can.

I start to get really hungry at around 4 o’clock but as they say never wake a sleeping baby.


4:50 pm

Rory is still asleep and I’m really in need of a snack. Despite the above sentiment, I carefully put bub down so I can get some food. I make myself a cup of tea and some peanut butter toast. I also unload the dishwasher while the kettle boils.


5:30 pm

By now Rory is up, I’ve made the bed and Luke walks in the door. He’s been in Queensland for the last 5 days so it’s really great to see him. We spend some time catching up while he gets in his dose of daddy cuddles.


7:30 pm

It’s dinner time and it’s a pretty simple affair tonight. Luke isn’t really hungry so he has soup, while I have an omelette and some pasta with vegetables.

We settle down on the couch for the night watching a few episodes of ‘The Island’. Rory is finally hungry again at 8, so he gets a feed from me then. Otherwise he spends the night sleeping on Luke’s chest.


10:00 pm

The tv is now off and Rory gets his last feed for the day. I read him ‘Goodnight Moon’ and then tuck him into bed. I quickly clean my teeth, place a few drops of lavender oil on my wrists and then it’s bed time for me too.



Today was a pretty good day in terms of productivity. I got a few chores done and we got out of the house. However, as is usual with a little one, there were a few things that didn’t get done.

I had hoped to go out for an afternoon walk but since Rory was sleeping I didn’t want to disturb him by putting him in the carrier or pram. I’d also hoped to get to the shops to buy a few things I forgot to get yesterday. (I left the grocery list at home and my memory is nothing like it used to be).

I’ve learnt to reevaluate my to-do list since becoming a mum. There’s always more that I could be doing, but if I get one or two things done a day I’m happy. Spending time with Rory is far more important than having a spotless house or exercising every single day.

Keeping things simple keeps me happy. A happy mum equals a happy baby, and what more could I ask for?



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