Resonating Reads – Joy, Balance & Spiritual Growth

It’s been a while since my last Resonating Reads, so here’s a round-up of all of the posts I’ve been loving lately.

Dig in and enjoy!  



+ Another beautiful article from Danielle LaPorte on the difference between happiness and joy.

“It’s valuable to be aware of this because when things get tough, logic might want you to default to despair, or utter sadness or worse, you might think you have to choose between hardship and joy, or support and separation, or light and dark.”


Kris Franken shares her top 10 inspiring books for spiritual growth.

“Honest, raw, insightful stories of real lives that have transformed. All of my favourite books, every single one, tells the story of the author. How they thought all was hopeless… but then… something miraculous happened and they put their broken pieces together in a new way and now they shine so bright they’re changing the world.”


Chloe from One Infinite Life wrote about her reflections and takeaways from the latest Beautiful You Inspiration Day.

“There’s something special about being in a room with the like-minded humans, and there’s something even more special when it’s for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy — the people that are drawn to this course (and the people behind it) are truly incredible.”


+ A touching and heartbreaking post from Tara Bliss. It’s a must read. Spreading awareness of the rarely spoken of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and showcasing Tara’s courage and raw honesty.

“It’s amazing how significant news like this can shift the total trajectory of your life. What you might have spent your time thinking about yesterday suddenly becomes absolutely sidelined and non-important. You pivot, instantly.”


+ Yolie Stephenson shares 3 ways self-care improved her marriage.

“I’m a deeply rooted believer in the power of self-care…The kind of self-care that doesn’t just impact you; but also impacts the people around you.”


+ Dana from The Balance Pointe wrote a post that I’m sure all mamas can relate to, on finding balance as a mum.

“Entering motherhood, the entire world flipped on its head in a way like never before. People tell you it’s a whole new world and they’re right – it’s a whole new world where you feel like a baby yourself, knowing nothing at all and rediscovering what instincts actually are. Putting one foot in front of the other and getting through each day is a success even if it feels like a very wobbly one.”


+ Another post for the mums and a very timely one given that it’s currently World Breastfeeding Week. Why our obsession with infant feeding intervals is a dangerous one.

“As adults, we grab a cup of tea, a glass of water, a sweet, a snack. We respond to our personal cues and we’re flexible depending on time of day, the temperature, our mood, our energy levels. Many go to bed with a glass of water or sip from a bottle throughout the day. I don’t know any adults that look at their watch and say, “Only 30 minutes till my next sip of water or mint!  Not long now”. But yet we expect teeny growing babies to be governed by this artificial notion of time.”


+ And a few food recipes to round it all up (because I’m currently breastfeeding and experiencing a hugely increased appetite):
Healthy coconut and oat cookies from Casa De Karma
Zucchini and date bread from The Full Helping
Peppermint-chocolate mousse from The Whole Daily



I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading and loving lately. Share a link or two with me in the comments below.


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