Gabrielle Bernstein – Making Miracles & The Spirit Junkie Way of Life

12 pages of scribbled notes. Tears shed. Hearts and minds cracked opened. A thousand and one ‘aha’ moments. The collective energy of 600 people meditating and exhaling as one.

Lessons learnt. The intensity of one person’s presence. The limitless possibilities to live the life we want. 

On Saturday I attended Gabby Bernstein’s ‘Miracles Now’ talk and work shop. The day was electric, expansive, transformative, inspiring, and deeply empowering. I think I will be absorbing everything from the day for awhile, but I wanted to share a few of the big lessons that really stood out for me.

Your power is in your presence

If you want to make a change – whether it be in yourself, in your community or in the world – you will only be able to do this through your presence.

Presence is magnetic, attractive and powerful. There are very few people who own their presence the way that Gabby does – and it is a sight to behold. She taught the power and energy of presence, simply by being so present in each and every single moment that she was on the stage. Whether she was talking, listening, leading us through a mediation or getting everybody up and dancing to Pink – she was present beyond belief.

Within us, we all have the capacity to be great, to heal ourselves, to shine as bright as possible – but we need to believe it and commit to it. If we are unable to acknowledge that the key to our greatness lies within us, how will we learn how to be present in our actions? How will we learn to harness the power that lies in our presence?

We all need to awaken to our greatness. Imagine the fun, the joy, and the endless possibilities you can have when you start to own your presence.

We can only heal and elevate ourselves when we are present, when we are authentic and living our truth. We need to be in the presence of our power.

Spirit Junkie Mantra: “I don’t need to be perfect – just honest and present.”

It doesn’t matter how often you fall off-track, it only matters how quickly you come back

From time to time, or even frequently, we all fall off the path we think we should be on – whether that means binge eating, over-exercising, body shaming, drinking too much, creating drama out of nothing, whatever. We all do it. The falling off track doesn’t matter; what is important is how quickly we can move on from this. How quickly we come back home, how quickly we start living our truth again.

Our ego will always ruin our mojo. We will always need to deal with self-sabotage or making mistakes. Given how normal it is, we certainly shouldn’t feel guilty when we do fall off track.

When you do something you said you wouldn’t, just witness and acknowledge it. Don’t judge it. Don’t place guilt on yourself. Just surrender. Forgive. Let it go and then come back to your truth.

Forgiveness is the bedrock to a spiritual practice. We all need to learn to forgive. In my own experience, while there are other people that we need to forgive, predominately we need to forgive ourselves. We beat ourselves up far too often, and place so much pressure and guilt on ourselves. We need to let it go. We need to forgive ourselves for not doing as well as we would have hoped, and simply move on.

You’re happiness is a direct reflection of your come-back rate.

It doesn’t matter how you come back. Just that you do. It’s not about how often you go out, but how quickly you come back home to your truth.

Spirit Junkie Mantra: “I’m willing to forgive myself.”

We create our own realities

Our minds are powerful and do create the reality we live in. Our mind, namely the ego, creates the false perceptions and pretensions of who we think we are. Our mind creates silly stories that limit us from living up to our greatest potential.

The way that you project your silly stories out into the world, will affect the way you perceive the world. How you talk and act will then also reinforce your perceptions. It’s through our thoughts and words that we get stuck in the stories.

We block the flow when we are in our stories. We can’t tune in to our inner voices. We find it difficult to be present, and impossible to let go of the guilt we place on ourselves, so it becomes an endless mission to try and come back home.

Your words are powerful and create your reality right back to you.

We need to be mindful of our language. We need to consciously create a different dialogue. We need to learn to speak with our hearts and not with our heads.

If you are always worried about having enough money, it’s likely that your thoughts will revolve around the idea of lack, of not being able to do or buy what you like. Your words will reflect this, and you’ll probably find yourself saying ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I have no money’ frequently.

If you are worried about a lack of money, this is the reality you will experience. If you flip this around, and say ‘I have enough money to pay for all the food I need, and to afford a roof over my head – I am lucky’ or ‘I choose how I spend my money, and I may not be able to afford this yet, but I will soon’. Imagine the different ways you would experience money then.

What do you want to focus on? What do you want to choose? Happiness or chaos? Love or fear? Ease or struggle?

Spirit Junkie Mantra: “We are not responsible for what we see, but we are responsible for how we perceive what we see.”

Stop relying on your own strength

So many of us are afraid to ask for help. It is ok to look for guidance, both from our inner voice and those around us. We need to learn to get out of our ego and start listening to our inner voice.

We cannot witness our fear, or work on changing it, when we are trying to do it with more fear.

In learning the difference between the ego and our intuition, we need to pay attention to what is being guided to us.

The answer from our intuition does not always need to be logical or make sense to us. Simply put, we need to stop trying to control everything – there is guidance and wisdom far greater than we can know. We don’t need to explain our gut feelings, our intuition.

Not sure how to tell the difference between your ego and your inner voice of inspiration? The ego has an agenda, and it feeds our stories. The voice of inspiration, of our inner truth, is limitless and has no agenda. Knowing the difference between these voices is our greatest tool to leading a more spirited and connected life.

Be open and willing to receive. Even when it doesn’t look like what you wanted, even when you think it will lead you away from where you want to go.

Spirit Junkie Mantra: “Say yes to the guidance.”

A few quick lessons

When we try to push things down they will come back up. We need to acknowledge the things we would rather hide or bury. Acknowledging it, and witnessing it without judgement, is the only way to take away its power. Feel it and then release it. Come back home.

Any practice requires practice. We need to put in the work. When things are good, don’t get comfortable. Work harder, meditate longer, come back quicker.

Lean towards love, joy and freedom. Commit to your happiness.

Measure your success by how much fun you’re having.

Gabrielle Bernstein – Making Miracles & The Spirit Junkie Way of Life


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